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  1. Performance Is Not a Checklist

    user experience performance web vitals metrics
  1. The Growing "Contentful" Gap

    chrome performance web vitals metrics
  1. The Performance Golden Rule Revisited

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  1. Returning to Performance Consulting

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  1. Variability Isn't the Problem

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  1. Notes on: Married to HTTP/3

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  1. What About Ember?

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  1. Understanding the True Cost of Client-Side A/B Testing

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  1. Proxying Cloudinary Requests with Netlify

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  1. Effective Skeleton Screens

    performance perception
  1. Missing

    performance javascript analytics access
  1. Prefetching? At This Age?

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  1. A/B Testing Instant.Page With Netlify and Speedcurve

    performance metrics monitoring tools testing
  1. The Cost of Javascript Frameworks

    performance javascript frameworks tools
  1. WebPageTest Custom Metrics with Request Data

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  1. Mundane Improvements, Big Impact

    performance shopify metrics tooling monitoring
  1. Building with Friction

    performance javascript process workflow automation
  1. In-Browser Performance Linting With Feature Policies

    performance process workflow images javascript
  1. When CSS Blocks

    performance css browsers devtools
  1. Making The Right Thing Easy

    performance tools process workflow peformance budgets
  1. Using BigQuery Without Breaking the Bank

    performance data httparchive crux bigquery
  1. Using the Platform

    performance accessibility security standards tools frameworks
  1. Netlify Build Plugin for SpeedCurve

    performance productivity tools netlify speedcurve monitoring
  1. Less Data Doesn't Mean a Lesser Experience

    performance mobile data design images
  1. Save-Data Usage

    performance mobile chrome proxy browsers data global
  1. Characteristics of a Strong Performance Culture

    performance culture monitoring analytics workflow
  1. New Network Fallacies

    performance networks mobile access
  1. Making Sense of Chrome Lite Pages

    performance chrome proxy browsers mobile
  1. Performance Budgets That Stick

    performance performance budget metrics monitoring
  1. Limiting JavaScript?

    performance javascript webkit chrome progressive enhancement
  1. The Ethics of Web Performance

    performance ethics accessibility energy
  1. An Alfred Workflow for WebPageTest

    performance productivity tools alfred
  1. Risking a Homogeneous Web

    standards google microsoft performance amp javascript
  1. Chrome's NOSCRIPT Intervention

    performance chrome mobile javascript progressive enhancement
  1. On HTTPS and Hard Questions

    security https performance bias
  1. Prioritizing the Long-Tail of Performance

    performance metrics measurement resilience
  1. Web Watch

    performance progressive enhancement responsive design resilience
  1. Notes on: Raiders of the Fast Start at Perfmatters

    performance perfmattersconf javascript render
  1. Partnering with Speedcurve

    performance speedcurve
  1. Notes on Making Pinterest Fast at Perfmatters

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  1. Compressive Images Revisited

    performance responsive images
  1. How Fast Is Amp Really?

    amp performance standards
  1. The Two Faces of AMP

    AMP performance standards
  1. AMP and the Web

    AMP performance standards
  1. The Bias in What We Build

    bias accessibility performance culture community
  1. CPP: A Standardized Alternative to AMP

    AMP performance standards
  1. Holiday Web Reading

    books responsive performance mobile
  1. AMP and Incentives

    AMP performance standards
  1. Understanding Proxy Browsers: Architecture

    mobile performance proxy browsers
  1. Choosing performance

    performance global facebook
  1. What your site costs users

    performance global
  1. Client-side MVC's major bug

    performance javascript frameworks
  1. Performance Budget Metrics

    performance performance budget
  1. Book Review: Responsible Responsive Design

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  1. Reducing JavaScript Bloat with Shoestring

    performance javascript
  1. JS Parse and Execution Time

    performance javascript
  1. "RWD is bad for performance" is good for performance

    performance responsive
  1. Notes on: 'Performance Culture' at Google I/O 2014

    performance googleio
  1. Performance Budgeting with Grunt

    performance grunt performance budget
  1. Don't Wait on Responsive Images

    responsive images performance
  1. Reaching Everyone at Radio Free Europe

    responsive performance clients
  1. Smart Defaults: On Libraries & Frameworks

    javascript performance frameworks
  1. Fast Enough

    performance performance budget
  1. Holistic Performance

    performance elsewhere
  1. Why we need responsive images: part deux

    performance responsive images
  1. Avoiding the 300ms click delay, accessibly

    accessibility performance touch
  1. Being Practical

    accessibility performance progressive enhancement
  1. Crippling the web

    accessibility progressive enhancement performance
  1. Your Mileage May Vary

    process images performance responsive
  1. Why we need responsive images

    performance responsive images
  1. Setting a performance budget

    performance performance budget
  1. Responsive Responsive Design

    responsive performance elsewhere performance budget
  1. Blame the implementation, not the technique

    mobile responsive detection performance
  1. Media Query & Asset Downloading Results

    book media queries mobile performance responsive
  1. Media Query & Asset Downloading Tests

    media queries mobile performance responsive
  1. Work to be done

    mobile performance responsive
  1. Mobile performance and carrier networks

    elsewhere mobile performance
  1. Upcoming Presentations

    conferences mobile performance speaking
  1. An Introduction to Automating Performance with Phing

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  1. The Color of Speed

    color performance
  1. Performance Mythbusters

  1. Quick Optimization Using Webgrind

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  1. Performance Toolbelt: CSSEmbed

  1. Performance Toolbelt: Page Speed

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  1. Performance and Beauty

  1. Performance Toolbelt: SpriteMe

  1. Performance Optimization Made Quick and Simple