1. Cryptography and the importance of usable security

    security, usability
  2. AMP and the Web

    AMP, performance, standards
  3. The Bias in What We Build

    accessibility, bias, community, culture, performance
  4. What I Read in 2016

    books, reading
  5. Your Voice

    community, speaking, writing
  6. Chasing Tools

    community, frameworks, process
  7. Joining Snyk

  8. The Taxi Ride

    books, personal
  9. CPP: A Standardized Alternative to AMP

    AMP, performance, standards
  10. HSTS and Let's Encrypt

    https, security
  11. What I Read in 2015

    books, reading
  12. 2015 Favorites

    2015, site
  13. Taking Let's Encrypt for a Spin

    https, security
  14. Holiday Web Reading

    books, mobile, performance, responsive
  15. AMP and Incentives

    AMP, performance, standards
  16. The Fallacy of Keeping Up

    community, process, standards
  17. Understanding Proxy Browsers: Architecture

    mobile, performance, proxy browsers
  18. Thriving in Unpredictability

    progressive enhancement
  19. Choosing performance

    facebook, global, performance
  20. Joining Akamai

  21. What your site costs users

    global, performance
  22. Apple's Web?

    apple, community, standards
  23. Access Optional

    accessibility, progressive enhancement
  24. Client-side MVC's major bug

    frameworks, javascript, performance
  25. What I Read in 2014

    books, reading
  26. 2014 Favorites

    2014, site
  27. Performance Budget Metrics

    performance, performance budget
  28. Book Review: Responsible Responsive Design

    books, mobile, performance, responsive
  29. Reducing JavaScript Bloat with Shoestring

    javascript, performance
  30. Keeping the lights on

    community, culture, sexism
  31. JS Parse and Execution Time

    javascript, performance
  32. "RWD is bad for performance" is good for performance

    performance, responsive
  33. Notes on: 'Performance Culture' at Google I/O 2014

    googleio, performance
  34. How I prepare a new talk

  35. Performance Budgeting with Grunt

    grunt, performance, performance budget
  36. Don't Wait on Responsive Images

    images, performance, responsive
  37. Reaching Everyone at Radio Free Europe

    clients, performance, responsive
  38. Why RWD looks like RWD

    process, responsive
  39. Smart Defaults: On Libraries & Frameworks

    frameworks, javascript, performance
  40. Fast Enough

    performance, performance budget
  41. Beyond Responsive

    mobile, responsive
  42. What I Read in 2013

    books, reading
  43. 2013 Favorites

    2013, site
  44. Holistic Performance

    elsewhere, performance
  45. Writing

  46. Who's In Charge Here?

    images, responsive, standards, whatwg
  47. Why we need responsive images: part deux

    images, performance, responsive
  48. Avoiding the 300ms click delay, accessibly

    accessibility, performance, touch
  49. Notes on 'It's a Write/Read Mobile Web'

    mobile, smashingconf
  50. Being Practical

    accessibility, performance, progressive enhancement
  51. Crippling the web

    accessibility, performance, progressive enhancement
  52. Your Mileage May Vary

    images, performance, process, responsive
  53. Why we need responsive images

    images, performance, responsive
  54. Heading to Mobilism 2013

    conferences, mobile, speaking
  55. Book Review: Responsive Design Workflow

    books, responsive, workflow
  56. Implementing Responsive Design Workshop

    book, responsive, workshop
  57. Media Queries within SVG

    SVG, images, responsive
  58. Setting a performance budget

    performance, performance budget
  59. Windows Phone 8 and Device-Width

    microsoft, responsive, viewport
  60. What I Read in 2012

    books, reading
  61. Flying solo

  62. 2012 Favorites

    2012, site
  63. Responsive Responsive Design

    elsewhere, performance, performance budget, responsive
  64. IE10 Snap Mode and Responsive Design

    microsoft, responsive
  65. Blame the implementation, not the technique

    detection, mobile, performance, responsive
  66. Author Talk Podcast

    book, elsewhere, responsive
  67. On BDConf 2012: Dallas

    bdconf, conferences, mobile
  68. The Breaking Development Podcast

    bdconf, podcast, responsive, ress
  69. Mobile Navigation Icons

    icons, mobile, navigation, responsive
  70. Implementing Responsive Design is now out!

    book, responsive, writing
  71. WTFWG

    images, responsive, standards, whatwg
  72. BDConf:focus on Responsive

    bdconf, conferences, responsive, speaking
  73. Media Query & Asset Downloading Results

    book, media queries, mobile, performance, responsive
  74. Looking for the right tool

    design, responsive, tools
  75. Media Query & Asset Downloading Tests

    media queries, mobile, performance, responsive
  76. More shovels

    information, technology
  77. Work to be done

    mobile, performance, responsive
  78. I'm Writing a Book

    book, responsive, writing
  79. What I Read in 2011

    books, reading
  80. Mobile performance and carrier networks

    elsewhere, mobile, performance
  81. Book Review: Mobile First

    books, mobile
  82. Reflecting on Nashville

    bdconf, conferences, mobile
  83. Book Review: Responsive Web Design

    books, mobile, responsive
  84. Is 'Mobile' Doing More Harm Than Good?

    context, mobile
  85. Upcoming Presentations

    conferences, mobile, performance, speaking
  86. Breaking Development Update

    bdconf, conferences, mobile
  87. Responsive Web Design and Mobile Context

    context, design, mobile, responsive
  88. No More Data Silos

    data, federated social web, preservation, semantics
  89. HTML5 As a Buzzword

    html5, standards
  90. Alternatives to Captcha

    usability, users
  91. Death to Captchas

    accessibility, usability, users
  92. What I Read in 2010

    books, reading
  93. An Introduction to Automating Performance with Phing

    elsewhere, performance
  94. A Series of Trade-offs

    coding, process, semantics, standards
  95. Announcing Breaking Development 2011

    bdconf, conferences, mobile
  96. The Color of Speed

    color, performance
  97. The Peril of Busyness

  98. Performance Mythbusters

  99. The Problem With Happiness

    happiness, process
  100. Intuition and Intimacy in Design

    design, intimacy, simplicity
  101. Teach A Man To Fish

    criticism, html5
  102. When The User Comes First

    process, usability
  103. Quick Optimization Using Webgrind

    performance, php
  104. SXSW Panel Pimping

    conferences, sxsw
  105. Performance Toolbelt: CSSEmbed

  106. Another New Addition

  107. Who's Stupid?

    clients, process
  108. Version 3.0

  109. Mobile User Behavior Groups

    google, mobile
  110. To comment, or not to comment...

  111. On delinkification...

    attention, readability
  112. The Great Mobile Debate

    apple, mobile
  113. Performance Toolbelt: Page Speed

    google, performance
  114. Jobs Has Spoken

    apple, flash
  115. Performance and Beauty

  116. Performance Toolbelt: SpriteMe

  117. What I Read in 2009

    books, reading
  118. Performance Optimization Made Quick and Simple

  119. Changing Things Up

  120. The Power of Dissonance

    dissonance, process
  121. Learning From Monkeys

  122. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

    microsoft, standards
  123. Developing Smarter with Progressive Enhancement

    css, progressive enhancement
  124. A Big Day for Microformats

    microformats, semantics
  125. Building a Stronger DOM

    (x)html, semantics
  126. Ideas and Alibis

  127. Book Review: Object-Oriented Javascript

    books, javascript
  128. We're Going Streaking

    css, standards
  129. SXSW 2009: In 350 Words or Less

  130. A Better Way to Get Educated

    standards, web education
  131. Love It or Leave It

  132. That Time of Year Again…

  133. New Arrival

  134. SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate

    books, social media
  135. Exploring Cross Document Communication

  136. Manageable CSS with CSSDOC

  137. Microsoft Gives Microformats a Little Oomph!

    microformats, microsoft
  138. Font Equality for Everyone

    css, fonts
  139. Book Review: Mobile Web Development

    books, mobile
  140. The Canvas Element: Starting to Draw

    (x)html, html5
  141. Getting Started with the Canvas Element

    (x)html, html5
  142. Living In Harmony

  143. Undermining the Industry

    spec work
  144. New Way to Store Custom Data

  145. Excuses, Excuses

  146. Improving Web-Ed

    standards, web education
  147. Elsewhere on the Web

  148. A Better Way To Globalize

  149. Javascript: The Good Parts

    books, javascript
  150. Libraries and Frameworks

    coding, javascript
  151. Behavior in Your Presentation

    css, standards
  152. Elsewhere on the Web

  153. Not As Clear As It Seems: CSS3 Opacity and RGBA

  154. An Objective Look at Javascript 2.0: Strong Typing

  155. Phantom CSS

  156. An Objective Look at Javascript 2.0: Looking Back

  157. Spring Cleaning

  158. It’s Good to Be Wrong

    failure, process
  159. Book Review: Pro JavaScript Design Patterns

    books, javascript
  160. More Manageable, Efficient Code Through 5S

  161. Hats Off To Opera

    opera, standards
  162. Getting Started With ARIA

    ARIA, accessibility
  163. Respecting What You Don't Understand

    process, respect
  164. Quicker DOM Traversing with CSS Selectors

    css, javascript
  165. SXSW Anticipation and Twitter

    sxsw, twitter
  166. XPath in Javascript: Predicates and Compounds

    javascript, xpath
  167. XPath in Javascript: Introduction

    javascript, xpath
  168. Share Your Site with the Masses

    css "media queries"
  169. It's All in the Details

  170. Detailed Look at Stacking in CSS

  171. Develop for the Next Guy

    javascript coding
  172. IE's Questionable Version Targeting

  173. Display a Link's Href When Printing

    css, javascript, print
  174. Branching Out

  175. Don't Be Ashamed of Your Code

  176. Getting Specific With CSS

  177. Using Prototypes in Javascript

  178. An Introduction to Classy Javascript

  179. A Less Painful CSS Experience

  180. A Microsoft Christmas Miracle

    microsoft, standards
  181. Reinvent the Wheel

  182. One Clear to Rule Them All

    css, floats
  183. All For One Or One For All

    events, javascript
  184. CSS, XHTML and Javascript...Oh My!!