Upcoming Presentations


I enjoy sharing what I learn with other people (though by the frequency of my blog posts lately, you might not be able to tell that). I also enjoy a good conference. They’re a great way to keep up in this fast moving industry, and to learn from the speakers and attendees alike. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to put the two together and present at a couple upcoming events this month.

On May 25th, I’ll be giving a talk on Mobile Web Performance Optimization for the Web Performance Summit. It’s an online event, and the lineup looks fantastic! Considering the low cost of attendance (not just the ticket price - but no travel costs!) I’m not sure how you could afford to pass on it if you’re at all interested in performance.

Then, on the 27th, I’ll be giving a shorter presentation at WebVisions in Portland entitled “Can Media Queries Save Us All?”. In case you’re wondering—it won’t be a full-out cheerleading session for media queries (or RWD). There are some very real issues with the technique, and as with most techniques, there are times when it is appropriate, and times when it is not.

Both events look great—I highly recommend checking them out. If you do make it to Portland, let me know—it would be great to meet some of you! Of course, you can also meet me at the next Breaking Development conference in September if you would like. (I promise to post my thoughts on the first event soon!) *[RWD]: Responsive Web Design