Returning to Performance Consulting


After 2.5 incredible years of working on WebPageTest (I’ll reflect on that properly in a couple of days), I’m excited to return to web performance consulting starting next week (April 10th).

There have been a ton of interesting changes in the performance industry the past few years—new metrics, new challenges, new opportunities. It’s been fun to work on them from a tooling perspective, and I’m eager to start helping folks make sense of them.

I enjoy working with organizations who want to not just make their sites faster, but who want to build up the internal culture, knowledge, tooling and processes that will help them stay that way. Regressing on performance is a situation that many companies are all too familar with. Combatting that regression requires a more holistic look at the culture of performance in an organization—the processes, the tools, the knowledge and more.

I recently heard from a past client who told me that the work I did with them a few years back “…literally changed the mindset of our engineers as a whole.”

I’ve got another past client who still messages me regularly about their (very impressive) continued performance improvements.

Those are pretty much the ideal outcomes for all the folks I work with.

As I’ve only just announced this, it does mean that I’ve got some immediate availability (at the moment, at least). So if that sounds like you, or an organization you know, let’s chat.