Partnering with Speedcurve


When I wrote about beginning to work for myself again, I mentioned that there were a few things in the works that I was particularly excited about. Today, I get to spill the beans on one of them: I’m partnering with SpeedCurve to provide performance consulting services to SpeedCurve customers!

The SpeedCurve team is ridiculous. I mean that in the kindest way possible. Between Mark, Tammy, Steve, and Joseph there’s an absurd abundance of top-notch people working on the product. I’ve personally worked with Tammy, Mark, and Steve on things in the past, so there’s already a high-level of familiarity between us all.

Partnering with them means I have an excuse to work with each of them a bit more, and that in itself would be enough to make me excited.

I’m still handling projects on my own as well, but for SpeedCurve customers specifically, this pairing makes so much sense.

The SpeedCurve gang and I will be sitting on a large amount of data giving us intimate knowledge of the state of performance of your sites and applications. There’s no need to setup access to some other tool somewhere and go back and forth setting it up: it’s all right there at the ready.

Working directly with SpeedCurve for consulting will also ensure that customers are getting the maximum value out of the service itself. It’s not just about digging into the performance of your site and fixing issues there, but also about digging into your SpeedCurve account to get the most out of your monitoring through continuous deployment, carefully configured performance budgets, custom timing metrics—you name it!

As a company that is already so personally invested in making sure they’re doing everything they can to help out, there’s a real opportunity for SpeedCurve to go above and beyond and help companies fix the performance woes that the product so nicely exposes.

In fact, I’m also going to be working with SpeedCurve to bolster their “Improve” recommendations so that all their customers will get detailed reports about where to focus their performance efforts. The consulting work will dovetail nicely into that.

I’ve been using SpeedCurve personally since it was in beta and it’s been fun to watch SpeedCurve evolve since then. They’ve added responsive design analysis, continuous deployment capabilities, performance budgets (a personal favorite, as you probably guessed), a fully-featured RUM offering and more.

What I like most about SpeedCurve is that they’re not focused on metrics for metrics sake. They zero in on what matters. They focus on providing an accurate view of the actual experience of using your site, and the information you need to make that experience better.

I’m really excited to help make it even easier for SpeedCurve customers to make the improvements that actually matter.

If you’re a SpeedCurve customer, head over to their site to get a little more information about the consulting services. I’m looking forward to working with you!