Amphora. — Ethan Marcotte

Ethan, eloquent as always, on the inaccessibly of AMP Stories:

Conjecture aside, here’s what I do know: the AMP team decided that each of these Story demos was worth showcasing on the official page for AMP Stories. And that sends a powerful signal about where the priorities for AMP Story sit. The content in each AMP Story is wonderful, the visual designs are effective—but if you use a screen reader, each Story is an assault on your senses. And by showcasing these demos, the AMP team is signaling that’s entirely acceptable.

It reminds me of Surma’s comments about JS frameworks and performance:

Unless a globally launched framework labels itself as exclusively targeting the users of the Wealthy Western Web, it has a responsibility to help developers target every phone on The Widening Performance Gap™️ spectrum.

It’s a big responsibility, but if you’re shipping something that will be this widely used, you’ve got a responsibility to make the default state as secure, accessible and performant as possible.

That’s particularly true for something that makes as bold a claim, as aggressively, as AMP has always done.