2013 Favorites


Time for the long-running (since way back in 2012!) annual tradition of listing the top five most popular posts on this site of the past year. Here are 2013’s favorites, in order of popularity.

Why We Need Responsive Images

The responsive image discussion is the Never Ending Story of web technology. Some people were, understandably, getting frustrated and questioning whether it was worth the fuss so I decided to see how much page weight could be saved by serving appropriately sized images to small screens.

Windows Phone 8 and Device-Width

Building off of last year’s post on snap mode and responsive design in IE10, it turned out the mystery was not yet completely solved as Windows Phone 8 has some odd behavior when it comes to what to return for device-width.

Setting a Performance Budget

Getting people invested in performance has to happen from the start of a project. Setting a performance budget is a great way to help with that.

Why We Need Responsive Images: Part Deux

Returning to the topic of responsive images, this time looking at the impact on memory, decoding and resizing.

Media Queries Within SVG

There was a lot of excitement around using media queries inside SVG files, so I decided to test a little and see which browsers applied those media queries and when.