BDConf:focus on Responsive


If you’ve gone to a BDConf (more on the recent Orlando event very soon!), you know we keep the focus pretty tight: web design and development for beyond the desktop. No native discussion, just web. We thought it would be fun to get even more focused. So on June 4th in Minneapolis, we’ll host the first ever BDConf:focus on event and do a deep dive into responsive design: all day, all responsive.

The lineup is amazing. Seriously.

Dave Rupert, lead developer at Paravel, co-host of the ShopTalk podcast, and creator of awesome tools like FitVids and FitText, will get the day kicked off with a four hour workshop.

After lunch, Mat Marquis will get the afternoon started with his presentation, “Next Steps for Responsive Design”. Mat worked on the Boston Globe project and heads up the Responsive Images Community Group for the W3C, so he’s got some hard-earned experience to pull from. He’s also a seriously funny guy.

Then, Kristofer Layon will present “The Minimal Viable Web”. Kristofer is the author of two books, most recently the excellent “Mobilizing Web Sites”. I love how practical and pragmatic that book is and I expect his talk will keep the same tone.

I’ll close the day with a new talk for me, “Creating Responsive Experiences”. I’ve been on a kick for awhile now that I think responsive design has to be about more than just layout, and I’ll try to make my case (and back it up with a few examples).

It should be an awesome day! The venue, Open Book, has a cool feel to it and we’re going to keep attendance low—you won’t be lost in a huge ballroom of people.

There are still passes available. If you want to make the trip (and you do!), code ‘KADLEMN’ will shave $100 off the cost of registration.

I hope to see you in Minneapolis—it’s going to be awesome!