Announcing Breaking Development 2011


So technically the site has been live for a month or so now, but since we just finalized our speaker lineup, I thought now would be a good time to “announce” Breaking Development 2011—a conference I’m helping to organize in Dallas, TX on April 11-12th.

Breaking Development is a two day conference dedicated to mobile web design and development. I’m incredibly proud of the speakers we were able bring on board—with presenters like Peter-Paul Koch, Luke Wroblewski, Jonathan Snook, Nate Koechley and Jason Grigsby (just to name a few—the full list of speakers is available on the site) I think we’ve created an event chockfull of quality content.

I am also pretty excited about the format of the event. Often, the most valuable experience of a conference is the informal conversations and friendships that are formed in between sessions. We really wanted to encourage that type of discussion among the speakers and attendees so we molded the event around that idea: attendance is small (there will only be about 200-250 people attending), breakfast and lunch is being catered on both days and there will be an opening night party (naturally with free beer) to kick things off. For me at least, the format was almost as important as the content.

So if you are interested in an event centered around the mobile web with great speakers, free food and beer and good conversation, then I hope to see you in Dallas.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there is another conference a month later (May 12-13), in the Netherlands, which will also be covering mobile web design and development. Mobilism, hosted by Peter-Paul Koch, Stephen Hay (who is also speaking at our event) and Krijn Hoetmer, has a great lineup as well and will also be keeping their attendance small (I believe it’s around 250 people). If Amsterdam is more convenient for you, be sure to check that event out. They haven’t started ticket sales yet, but they should be available before long.