SXSW Panel Pimping


The SXSW panel picking madness started last Wednesday. After attending the conference twice, I finally got around to submitting a talk this time around. If you’re interested in web performance, neuroscience, and in particular how those two areas intersect, feel free to give it the old thumbs up. Either way I’ll be attending (already registered and got the flight and hotel booked) but I’d love to get the opportunity to hear myself talk share some information while I’m there as well.

Enough self promotion. After having taken a look through the options, here’s a few more talks that I’m really hoping make the cut. Again, if they sound interesting to you, please give them a thumbs up in the PanelPicker.

If any of you have a panel submitted, or came across one particularly interesting, feel free to let me know. I know many people frown upon the annual “panel pimping” but I actually enjoy it. There are quite a few panels I probably wouldn’t have heard about otherwise.