Changing Things Up


After a very long, drawn out design/build process, I finally decided to just get it over with and push the new design live (as anyone not reading this in their RSS reader can see). There’s a few bits of code and a little bit of styling I’ve not quite fine-tuned yet, but if I keep waiting, the design would never get put up. As it is, it’s been sitting on my computer in virtually the same state it appears now for the last month or so without being touched.

In addition to a new look, the underlying code has changed. I used to blog on a home-brewed VBScript based system. This incarnation of the blog, however, is built on Wordpress. It’s also built using HTML5 and makes use of some CSS3 selectors for presentation. The idea was to simplify the publishing process to encourage more writing, and as part of that, I also wanted to simplify the look a little bit. Using HTML5 and CSS3 just give me an excuse to play around with those technologies a bit.

Finally, with a new design, comes slightly different content. Historically, I’ve always treated the site as a place for web development related articles exclusively. The problem with this is that A) it’s not particularly personal and B) my interests have expanded greatly. So, going forward the site will no longer be limited to just web development - though there will still be plenty of that. Let’s just say if I find it interesting, and feel inclined to write about it, it’ll make it’s way onto the site. As a result, the blog will also reflect a slightly more personal tone than it historically has.

There’s still a few rough spots to iron out with the new look - so if you stumble upon anything missing or that obviously looks out of place, feel free to shoot me a line about it if you feel so inclined.