Excuses, Excuses


I did what I said I told myself I would never do…I only posted one item the entire month. I always told myself that if I was going to have a blog going, I was going to commit to it and ensure that the blog never went stale…there would always be fresh content on my site. I think I may have underestimated the wonderful curves that life throws out there!

I do have what I feel are a few fairly good excuses for being quiet lately. I just recently purchased my first home, which my wife and I are quite excited by. It has kept us both busy moving and making some quick touch-ups and improvements. Even more exciting, we found out that my wife is pregnant with what will be our first child. Again…extremely excited, but I am finding that I am spending a fair amount of time ensuring that things are in place for when the little one arrives.

Finally…I started a new job in June. It’s much more development heavy than my prior position and I’m enjoying it greatly. That being said, there was some time spent ensuring that I get up to speed with the company’s existing projects and work styles. Nothing irritates me more than knowing that I could do something much quicker if I had a better handle on things. I don’t like that “introductory period” where I have to turn to ask questions about simple little procedures simply because I don’t know the company’s tendencies, so I like to get familiarized as quickly as possible.

So between those three things, all exciting as they are, I have had very little time for updating the site. Which is unfortunate…I’ve been working on getting the site switched over to PHP and have some cool and important improvements that will come with this (one of which is an improved comment spam filter….those spammers are amazingly persistent).

There are also numerous posts I have written up that I just need to take the time to add to the site. So the content is there…or, I guess, will be there. The resolution for August is to get back to a regular schedule for updating the site…so stay tuned.