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line-height: abnormal

Eric Meyer has a great write-up about how diverse the rendering of line-height: normal is across browsers. Complete with a test page that allows you to see what happens to the value of line-height normal as different fonts and font-sizes are selected.

What’s Next in jQuery and JavaScript

John Resig of jQuery fame posted a nice 11 minute video where he talks about what is coming up for jQuery, Javascript, and some changes that are being made in browsers. Nice overview of what we have to look forward to on all counts.

Initial Impressions of Silverback

A nice review of Silverback, the new user testing development tool created by the geniuses over at Clearleft. Personally, I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, as it is only available for Macs and I am still laboring away on a PC. From everything I’ve heard though, looks like a fantastic tool.

Content Inventory

Just a bit more Clearleft love here. Andy Budd continues his series of posts looking at design artifacts with a look at the value and importance of performing a content audit.


Finally, though I’m a bit late on mentioning it, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say something about the release of UserVoice, home grown here in Wisconsin. UserVoice allows you to provide a way for users of a site, application, anything really, to discuss and vote on changes and features. In addition to being useful right out of the box, there are some cool additions to the product being looked at like OpenId support and perhaps an API.